4X4 lace closure wigs are among the most common frontal lace wigs on the market. Frontal lace wigs are hair products with a lace or sheer material along the forehead. The role of the sheet material is to mimic the natural appearance of the human forehead. They also make the wigs more versatile by allowing for flexibility in styling. Lace frontal wigs come in different sizes. 4X4 lace wigs and 13X4 lace wigs are the most common sizes. This post discusses 4X4 lace closure wigs and what sets them apart from their 13X4 counterparts.

What is a 4X4 lace closure wig?

It is a frontal lace wig with a closure that only covers a four by four-inch position at the top of your head or mid of your frontal hairline. Note that closure is the base of a wig on which the hairs are sewn or tied. Lace closures often resemble real hairlines because of their material. The laces come in different colors that can be manipulated to match the wearer. They also help give your wig a smooth and natural look.

How are 4X4 lace closure wigs different from 13X4 lace closure wigs?

The following are the primary differentiating elements between these two types frontal closure wigs;

1.  Size

As you can tell from the titles, the primary difference is the size. Naturally, 4X4 lace closure wigs are smaller than the latter. Because of their small size, they are usually commonly used to close off a hair installation right above the forehead. They only cover a horseshoe size at the top of the installation. On the other hand, 13X4 wigs cover the entire frontal hairline (from ear to ear).

2.  Styling 13X4 and 4X4 lace closure wigs

4X4 lace closure wigs are less versatile to style because of their size. They only allow for the mid-part when styling. On the other hand, 13X4 wigs cover the entire hairline at the front. This means that you can play around with different hairstyles. Whether you want to comb all the hair back, part it at the side or middle, you have the freedom.

3. How much do they cost

The cost of 4X4 lace closure wigs is lower than the latter. This is because less material is applied. However, you must understand that the cost is usually influenced by the type of hair sewn on the lace, its density, and the type of lace applied. 13X4 lace closure wigs are usually more expensive regardless of all constant factors.

4. Installation of 13X4 and 4X4 lace closure wigs

4X4 lace closure wigs are more convenient and accessible to install than their counterparts. With these lace wigs, you need not worry about cutting the excess lace or the long edges. All you will need to do is pluck or tweeze the hairs to create a natural look.


When purchasing lace closure wigs, one of the first things you must consider is the lace closure size. The same would be wise when choosing hair bundles with lace closure. However, the type of lace and hair are also essential factors to consider.

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