Maintaining a home is not just going through a broom, keeping the bathrooms clean, or a refrigerator full of food. It also means fixing electrical outlets, putting in light bulbs, nailing pictures or furniture, unscrewing or screwing, and cleaning the most difficult exterior surfaces. Therefore, we wanted to give you a top 5 of the tools you need in your home.

These tools are used for different things and do not belong to a single department, so you will likely find items from the hardware store or garden supplies. If you think a tool is missing, do not hesitate to let us know.

Top 5 home tools

The tools that we will show below do not have a specific order, and there is no more important than others because our criteria give you an idea of ​​the ones you will need in your home and those that save you time and fatigue.

Pressure washer

A pressure washer does not seem like a mandatory instrument at home, and it is not, but the amount of work and time it saves is enormous. Many people shy away from this tool because it is expensive than a broom or rake, but few products can clean the toughest areas in seconds, like a pressure washer.

It is not a decorative instrument; it is a complex and pure tool.


If you have a garden, and we are not referring to the garden of a video game, you must have a lawnmower. The speed with which the grasses and grass grow is enormous. You neglect yourself, and you live in a jungle.

Having a lawnmower on hand will allow you to keep your forehead and your yard in optimal condition all year round.


The oldest and most classic of all, a top tool cannot exist without a hammer. Whether you use it to nail walls and mount your paintings or to build spectacular furniture, a hammer should never be missing in your home.

Never skimp on getting a high-quality one, these last a lifetime.

Electric screwdriver

You can have thousands of screwdrivers in a single machine with an interchangeable head, which saves you the trouble of moving your wrist intensely. The electric screwdriver changed the game of the market, providing efficiency to its users.

In addition, a screwdriver or screwdriver (depends on what you are going to do) is not only functional in furniture or buildings; electronics and appliances also need it, especially if you are a person responsible for repairing or correcting certain imbalances in your equipment.

Saw or axe

As if you were a lumberjack, a saw or axe always comes in handy in the house. If you need to cut down a tree, chop wood, or just feel so masculine that you will grow a beard in 10 minutes (yes, this includes women too), you need an axe.

Of course, there are hundreds of super useful tools, but these are essential at home, you MUST HAVE them.

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