With the keep-hydrated campaign wave that rode in massively in the mid-parts of 2021, one can confidently say that staying hydrated by consuming fluids is one of the ever-increasing trends. For most people, an encouraging factor remained the use of fashionable water bottles. If you are yet to own a bottle of your own under the category chic, here is a list that would help you get a head start.

7 Trendy Water Bottle Ideas

1. Schedule-Tracking Water Bottles

The schedule-tracking water bottle was one bottle that caused a stir. From time stamps to color gradients and motivational messages, this bottle could stand as one loved by many. Considering how it ranges from medium sizes to sizes as large as 2L made it all the more appealing.

2. Compact Water Bottle

Size preferences and mobility have always been a factor to consider in choosing a water bottle to settle for. In terms of mobility, this category of water bottles rose to the occasion. These bottles took the get more for less (in terms of space) to another level. It could occupy very little space when compressed but could hold a decent amount of water when extended. This way, you could always stay hydrated without having to carry the extra load.

3. Infuser Water Bottle

While the NHIS advised individuals to keep hydrated, keeping healthy was also a part of this campaign. What better way to adhere to both simultaneously than the infuser water bottle? Bottles in this category have a suspended compartment with perforations that serve to hold fruits with water surrounding it. Rather than dumping fruits in a random water bottle and fiddling with them when they get soggy, one can easily take them out of the fruit compartment. In case you are wondering how you would get the water out without spilling the suspended fruits, this water bottle has a straw and an almost distinct lid on the infuser compartment.

4. Flat Water Bottle

When the words fashionable and water bottle are used together (obviously with one referring to the other), the flat water bottle comes to mind for good reasons. This ergonomic water bottle category is nothing short of fashionable. For most individuals who prefer a portable can that could almost double as a fashion statement, this bottle would be a fine option.

5. Durable Glass Bottle

Most bottles in this category are made of borosilicate glass. What’s more, is that the bamboo lid and silicone sleeve make it extra pleasant to the eyes. If a cute bottle that would motivate you to take a drink every time is what you seek, this portable water bottle might be just the thing for you.

6. Water Bottle-Music Player

The one thing where music is almost always a driving force remains exercise/work. However, these almost always come with the need for a drink. Here is where the ever-innovative Water bottle-Music player comes in. With these water bottles, you could always have music to motivate you and water to keep you hydrated while at work.

7. Temperature-Display Water Bottle

What if you are into something smarter? Fascinatingly, water bottles under this category can render temperature estimates of the fluid in them. If you prefer your water warm at all times of the day, you could rely on a bottle like this to keep your water warm and let you know when its temperature starts to change.

Final Thoughts

Although there is nearly no limit to the variety of stunning water bottles you could come across nowadays, you can rest assured that there is a category that suits your needs. Be it tech-savvy, fashionable and chic, or high-capacity, you may not have to compromise what you require due to a lack or absence. These seven water bottle categories highlighted in this article remain a great place to start. Keep healthy, hydrated, and fashionable.

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