If you’re the type that prefers electric pressure washers to gas-powered ones, then you’re at the right stop. The former can be handled easily without the help of a professional, and there is minimal risk of damages.

Electric pressure washers are usually more affordable than those powered by fuel. This is because they are not as powerful and easier to maintain. As inexpensive as they are, you can get ones of reasonably good quality that will last for a couple of years, provided you use them well.

Electric Pressure Washers Below $300

Are you looking to purchase a pressure washer that runs on electric current? Do you plan on spending not up to $400? If your response to both questions is yes, the following electric pressure washers are for you.

Giraffe Tools Portable Power Washer

This portable electric pressure washer costs $109.99, and for such price. It features a German imported electric motor, which has quite the motor power.

The washer’s nozzle comes in three modes which can be controlled and used in any fashion that suits you. The washer itself can wash cars, trucks, driveways, gardens, farms, and even construction sites. Not only does it do its work well, but it is also a sight to behold outdoors.

Giraffe Tools Electric Pressure Washer

This is uniquely designed with a ‘total stop system.’ This system functions as a stopper of the pump when the trigger is not pressed, thereby ensuring the machine’s durability. Also, with its 4-Mode Nozzle, it is pretty flexible to handle.

It produces a water flow of 2175 PSI by 1.3 GPM; this is relatively high enough for quickly getting rid of dried grime. Another unique design is the featured storage area where all the pressure washer accessories can be safely tucked in. You get to enjoy all these features for a token of $149.99.

Giraffe Tools 2 in 1 Pressure Washer

As a 2-in-1 machine that costs $159.99, it has four different nozzles and a total stop system, just like the one mentioned above. With a pressure of 1400 PSI and 1.28 GPM, and 20 degrees and 40 degrees’ nozzles, every cleaning task is done skillfully.

Unlike many other electric pressure washers, this one can be hung on the wall, which means you don’t have to reassemble it for every use as far as it is hung.

Grandfalls Pressure Washer

At $299.97, this is the most expensive on this list. It also produces the highest water pressure at 2200 PSI. But just like the two washers above, this also has a total stop system and four nozzle models.

Furthermore, the featured hose can be pulled back into the machine when not in use, unlike others that require manual rolling. This prevents the hose from having twists. Although, you have to release the pressure in the hose before pulling it back.


After going through the list, you can now confidently take a pick of any of the budget-friendly pieces to do your bidding. From as low as $110 to below $300, you get to become a proud owner of the finest electric pressure washers.

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