Yoga is one of those exercises that connect you with nature. And, doing yoga right in the middle of trees connects you with the universe. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can do yoga outside, without needing to fear anything.

There are many companies that are making tents best suited for yoga enthusiasts. There are a variety of reasons why people are preferring these yoga tents. For instance. first, you can enjoy the exercise in between the greeneries, rivers, and birds. Secondly, the round camping tents are easy to install and remove because they are lightweight. Lastly, these tents protect you from high-speed winds and fire hazards.

Geodesic is a company that is providing this type of yoga dome.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about what a yoga dome is and why it is getting a lot of attention

Geodesic Yoga Camp Domes

Geodesic is a division of BDiR, a company that specializes in providing portable tent solutions. Yoga dome is a product of that company and is changing the way we do yoga.

Yoga Tent with Super Structure Capabilities

The yoga dome is made with galvanized steel. Due to this construction, the dome is rust-free and will be your yoga partner for a very long time. As a tarpaulin, the tent comes with PVC fiber cloth which protects from UV, wind, and extra sound. If you are one of those yoga people who like to meditate in a peaceful environment, then this exercise dome is for you.

Geodesic comes with a glass wall on one side of the dome. That provides a scenic picture. With that view, you will experience the real essence of yoga. Moreover, due to the dome structure, the meditation music will reverberate, allowing you to listen to melodies clearly.

Easy to install

The main reason a lot are going for these dome tents is that they are very easy to install. This dome comes with all construction components, meaning you can install these mountains, camps, resorts, and on a side of the road. Since the tent does not require any special construction, it makes it very sustainable.

Comes with Customizations

Geodesic manufactures this dome tent according to your specification. For instance, if you want color changes, interior designs, and custom sizes, Geodesic can provide those types of services. Moreover, you don’t need to install these tents all by yourself. The company has a designated installation team that will come and set it up for you.

Overall, the dome tent enhances your overall experience. If you are planning any party or are just looking for a futuristic tent for your kid’s playroom, this dome will be a perfect option for you. The tent can handle a large gathering of people. Plus, since it is easy to install, you can easily expand it according to the event type.

Features and Capabilities

  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Made with galvanized steel rods
  • Can resist wind and snow
  • Luxurious and modern design
  • Perfect for yoga, parties, events, and large gatherings
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