If you are making over your kid’s bedroom, you need to ensure you find an ideal head pillow that will be comfortable for your young one. Choosing a newborn head pillow can be an overwhelming task with the numerous options available. You may also have numerous questions like the age you should introduce your toddler to a pillow and the critical factors you should look at when buying them a pillow for your baby. It is recommended that parents should introduce pillows to their children when they are approximately eighteen months.

Before that age, overcrowding your baby’s sleeping environment increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Although recommended, it does not mean that you have to give your kid a pillow as soon as they turn eighteen months since many toddlers do not need them. But if you decide to get baby pillows, you should follow the guideline outlined below to ensure your child sleeps peacefully.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Kid’s Pillow

Before shopping around for the best pillow for your child, it helps to know what to consider. Consider the following factors:

1. Pillow Filling

Pillows are stuffed with various materials like feathers, memory foam, and environmentally friendly materials such as hemp and buckwheat. However, these materials are not suitable for toddlers since they may cause choking. You need to find pillows filled with cotton or synthetic materials to eliminate the potential of allergies and choking.

2. Material

If your kid is sensitive to environmental allergens, you should opt for hypoallergenic pillows. These pillows minimize the bacteria and mold quantity that can grow on the pillow with time. You should buy pure cotton beddings as they will be free from chemicals, hence an excellent choice for babies.

3. Size

Your child does not need a king-size or standard-size pillow. Children’s pillows are around 13-18inches are made according to the size of their heads. Toddler needs a pillow that properly fits their heads and adequately supports the head and neck for them to be comfortable.

4. Support and Softness Level

You will want to make your child comfortable when they sleep, so you must consider the support. Although a soft pillow may seem like a great idea, they provide inadequate support for kids’ heads. In addition, a softer pillow may smother your baby’s nose and mouth during sleep. On the contrary, a hard pillow will be uncomfortable for the little heads. Ensure you buy a pillow that provides sufficient support; it should not be too soft or hard. You can test the pillow with your fingers before you decide. An excellent pillow should spring back within a few seconds after your press it down with your fingers. If it fails to regain its form, it will not support the neck and spine.

5. Durability

Find a pillow that you can easily clean without degrading its quality. Dust mites, drool, and allergens may accumulate on your baby’s pillow, so you will have to wash it. You should also verify if the pillow is washable on the machine.


The article provides a comprehensive guide if you need help getting your toddler a pillow. Read it to know the essential considerations to ensure comfort while your baby sleeps.


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