They probably told you that it would last a long time when you got your wig. You were happy because you’d finally gotten your money’s worth. Unfortunately, not so long after you purchased your wig, you noticed it started shredding, shrinking, and looking less natural. You might be thinking you got a fake.

Well, that might be true. However, that isn’t always the case. It might be that you’ve done or haven’t done something to your hair, and that’s why it’s looking that way. Synthetic and human hair wigs can last a while, so long as you know what to do to make them last longer.

So, what’s wrong with your wig? Read on to find out.

Why Your Wigs Don’t Last

  1. You wear it too often: They may not look it, but wigs get tired too. So, while you can wear a wig every day, you shouldn’t wear the same one every day. If you do that, over time, the wig will start losing its color, become less full, and in the end, become unsuitable to wear. If you love wearing wigs all the time, then you should consider getting more than one so that you can use them interchangeably.
  2. You wash your wig too often: Wigs are just like natural hair. Wash them too much, and they begin to turn brittle and lose their shine. This is counterproductive, as the whole point of washing your wig in the first place is to make it look shinier. For best results, don’t wash your wigs too often. Put a few days between one wash and the next.
  3. You maintain it with low-quality products: Quality wigs aren’t cheap, and it’s only normal to use high-quality products to maintain them. It’s wrong to use regular shampoos and conditioners in your wigs, as those products can be too harmful to the hair. Instead, you should try purchasing wig maintaining products to avoid ruining your hair. Wigs can’t repair themselves, so that means if you ruin it, you’d have to spend money to fix it. It’s better to avoid that.
  4. You use heating tools on your wigs: Perhaps the issue is that many believe they can handle their wigs the same way they handle their hair, which is wrong. A curling iron can make your natural hair beautiful, but it will only ruin your wig. Using any heating tool on your wig will make it dry, dull, brittle, and a whole lot of other hair damage that you honestly would want to do without. Wig users, flat irons, hairdryers, and curling irons are a no-no for your wigs. If you have to style your hair, use non-heating curlers.
  5. You don’t use a stylist: Whether you like it or not, your stylist knows the best way to style your wig without ruining it. They can also give you tips on maintaining your hair and making it last longer. You should try to visit your stylist more often, and not just when you want to make your hair.


It doesn’t take much to keep your wig lush, beautiful, and full for as long as you’d like. All you need are the right tips and tricks. After reading this, we’re sure you now know what you shouldn’t do to your wig.

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