Whenever we think about different household items, then the one product that can never be overlooked is tissues. These are not only helpful for making trash out of sight but they are also usable for other purposes. The fact is that with this soft and fragile it is very easy to ruin as only a few drops of water can play a great role in the disintegration of a full tissue box.

It becomes a hard task to keep the tissues safe. For this, different tissue boxes are available in the market with amazing and charming structures. Today, we are going to discuss the top storage box of tissues that are available in different styles and looks.

Are all Tissue Boxes the Same Size?

Lots of people have the same query and that is about the size of a tissue box. Although all the tissue boxes don’t have a standard size, the average size of a rectangular tissue box, which is determined from the 4 best brands, is 11.44 × 4.38 × 2.79 inches. In the case of a cubed-shaped box, the size is about 4.43 × 4.36 × 5.06 inches.

Top Storage Tissue Box with Aesthetic Style

Given the detail about top budget-friendly tissue boxes that come with additional features:

Wheat Multi-Compartment Storage Box

First of all, we are going to discuss the most demanding and popular storage tissue box that is named the wheat multi-compartment storage box. It contains different compartments for tissue adjustment and hence is preferred a lot. Its free specifications are:

  • Three colors are available that are pink, green, and beige
  • It only cost $3.99
  • Has an eccentric design

Nordic Bear Tissue Box

A Nordic beer tissue box is another storage tissue box that is designed in such a way that all the tissues are protected from dust and also have a unique appearance. Moreover, you will never feel any kind of complexity while placing the tissue roll because you just have to put the roll vertically into it. Its key features are:

  • Two colors are available that are brown and white
  • It only cost $2.95
  • It is dust proof
  • It requires easy installation

Screaming Chicken Tissue Box

If you are in search of a storage tissue box that is not only cute but also idiosyncratic then Screaming Chicken Tissue Box is the best choice for you. You just have to place the tissue roll into it and then you can pick tissues from its head part. Its few characteristics are mentioned below:

  • Two colors are available that are pink and yellow
  • It only cost $2.95
  • It is dust proof
  • Has large storage capacity

Rectangle Tissue Box

Lastly, yet importantly, the rectangle tissue box is the most unique and preferable as it is designed in such a way that you can also store your cell phone, remote control as well as stationery on it. Its key features are:

  • Available in pink, grey, and green color
  • Only costs $2.95
  • Has a mobile and remote control holder

Sum Up

Having a storage tissue box at home has now become very important because it proves to be very helpful in picking up trash, cleaning purposes, and removing sweat. Hence, every family prefers to have this product at home. But, tissues can’t be placed without any suitable box hence we have discussed top storage tissue boxes that are not only helpful in managing tissues but also gorgeous looking.

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