Nothing brings out a person’s beauty than glowing skin; the remarks we get when our skin is shining are priceless. It’s a quality we all want to possess and continually maintain. However, there are effects on the skin hindering that from happening, and one of this is oily skin. Oily skin is caused by so many unprecedented factors, ranging from stress, the overuse of certain skin products, enlarged pores, age, and genetics—some of these factors like old age and genetics that we do not control.

However, even these causes can be maintained. Whatever the cause might be, we can easily get rid of oily skin and make our skin glow the way we have always imagined it to. That’s why in this article, we will be discussing various basic treatments for oily faces.

Treatment of Oily Face

1)Washing regularly: Washing the face regularly can reduce the amount of oil on the skin. It is advised to wash the face with soap and warm water. Also, soaps with fragrance, moisturizers, and harsh chemicals that can irritate or dry out the skin should not be used to wash the face. A good facial cleanser and warm water are all you need to make you a step farther from an oily facial look.

2)Using a toner: Toners are very helpful in drying up the skin, especially the one that contains alcohol. A study has shown that natural astringent toners make enlarged pores smaller and clear up clogged pores. As we discussed earlier that enlarged pores cause the skin to be oily. This step will help in reducing excess oil on the face.

3) Pat the face dry: Another overlooked but very efficient basic treatment you can introduce to your routine to improve your facial look is patting the face dry. This simple practice involves gently patting your face with a soft towel. This method helps to remove moisture(oil), dirt, and grime from your face and makes it hard for skincare products to reach the deep layer of the dermis of your skin. The use of rough or hard towels is strongly advised against this treatment method as it may irritate and stimulate the skin to produce more sebum.

4) Use of facial sheets and medicated pads:  Facial sheets also work magic on an oily face. Facial cleansing materials like blotting sheets do not treat the sebum production in the skin but remove excess oil from the face, making a faceless oily.

5) Use a facial mask: A facial mask is beneficial for treating the oily face. It works effectively because it contains the necessary ingredients to make a face glow. It contains clay that absorbs oil and reduces sebum without irritating the skin. A facial mask also contains honey with antibacterial properties to keep the skin soft and oatmeal that has the necessary compound to soothe irritated skin.

6) Moisturizing: Many people tend to stay away from moisturizing creams for fear of their skin looking greasier. But using the right moisturizer can help oily skin; an oil-free moisturizer can help keep the skin moist and protected without looking or feeling greasy.


We all deserve good skin that we can all be proud to show off, and oily skin should not hinder this. A consistent skincare routine is all a person with an oily face needs to stick with to help such person’s skin to glow again. In this article, we have given some basic skin treatments you can easily adapt into your routine, which are guaranteed to yield your desired results in no time.

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