These extensions are crocheted by hand and resemble natural locs. Dreadlocks are beautiful, but the locking process requires more patience than you think. The extensions help to lengthen the existing dreadlocks making them longer and fuller. They can be human hair or synthetic, which look almost similar though the latter is less soft. The crocheted hair is usually permanent so buying the right kind is necessary. Some, like the “crochet nu locs”, require little maintenance, which is fantastic. Crocheting isn’t the easiest, but this article teaches you how to install the crochet dreadlock extensions.

How to do crochet dreadlock extensions

Are you looking forward to having your dreadlock extensions? You must follow all instructions properly to hack the process and achieve the best look. Buying the dreadlock is one thing, and installation is a different thing. It’s because not everybody knows how to facilitate the process for a successful installation. The process of installing the crochet dreadlock extensions can be complex; hence may need a professional to do the job. Here’s how you do it.

Buy dread extensions

Before the installation, purchase ready-made locs. Your choice of locs depends on three main things: color, design, and size. Go for a color that matches your hair color. More so, look at the size and pick your preferred length and size. Experts recommend that the thickness or thinness you choose should be exactly or close that of your natural hair.

Natural hair preparation stage

Preparing the hair helps to get the best results. Ensure your hair is clean before the installation. Shampoo to remove dirt or any build-up, then condition it. Use a moisturizing conditioner to avoid dry hair and detangle the hair in the process. Once done, part and twist the hair while damp until ready to attach the dreadlock extensions. You can go for any parting, e.g., square, diamond, crescent, or random parting system.


The hair is ready for attachment once the parting and twisting are over. Pick a section to start with, then place a loc at its base. Avoid attaching very close to the scalp to prevent pain on the scalp. Begin crocheting at least half an inch from the scalp, leaving the root untouched. Crotchet the extension into your hair twist while repeatedly pulling out the crotchet hook. Often turn the hair to crochet from a different angle to ensure all sides attach correctly.

Repeat the process until completion

Keep repeating the process until the hair feels tight and secure. Do the same to all other sections. You can choose to twist the roots after installation for a neater look. Spray them with water, then apply oil or gel. Twist them but not too tight in the same direction for uniformity.

Final words

You can now buy and install crochet dreadlock extensions with the steps above. They are convenient and provide a look that resembles natural dreads. Prep your hair before attachment so no dirt is stuck within the locs. Go for human hair or synthetic extensions but ensure the size and color match your preferences.

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