Lace closure is the optimal choice for those with short hair. It provides a natural appearance and combines well with your natural hair. It is also very comfy and simple to maintain.

This post will teach you how to care for 6×6 lace closure wig. If you want to learn more about this subject, you should read the complete article.

Here’s how to care for these wigs:

Brush Your Hair Consistently

Regularly brushing your hair helps eliminate knots and prevents them from developing again. This will guarantee that your wig retains its attractive appearance for extended periods of time. At least once every other day, you should brush your hair so that it does not get tangled or matted. In addition, brushing stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which prevents dandruff and promotes a healthy, clean scalp.

Always Apply a Conditioner to Your Hair

Maintaining your hair’s health and strength by moisturizing it. It is essential to apply a moisturizer at least once every week. If feasible, use it twice each week for optimal results. The most crucial aspect of moisturizing is to avoid overdoing it. After using a moisturizer, your hair should not feel greasy or oily. This product should only be used in sufficient quantity to enter the hair shaft and coat each strand from tip to root.

Use a Heat Protectant Spray

Always use a heat protectant spray before applying heat to your hair. This will prevent heat damage to your hair caused by blow dryers and flat irons. Using heat on damp hair is also very detrimental since it damages hair follicles and causes them to become brittle over time. It is preferable to wait until your hair is fully dry before applying heat again.

Use Dry Shampoo sometimes

Dry shampoo is ideal for those with greasy roots, but it is an essential must for those with sweaty wigs. When you wear a wig outside the house, it may become rather hot and humid beneath all that synthetic hair, which can occasionally contribute to an unpleasant odour and make it seem greasy even if it isn’t filthy! When you don’t have the time (or the energy) to restyle your hair after washing it, dry shampoos are a fantastic way to add structure to your hair.

Avoid Washing the Wig with Hot Water

Water’s high temperature is the primary cause of wig fibre degradation. High temperatures cause the wig fiber to become too dry and brittle. After that, it degrades fast when washed and worn. If you want to wash your wigs with cold water, you may run the coldest water possible from the faucet for around 5 minutes. If cold water is inconvenient for washing your wig, you may alternatively use warm water.


Whether you are new to lace wigs or have been wearing them for years, it is common knowledge that the method of wearing a 6×6 lace wig differs from that of a regular synthetic hair extension. In addition to the apparent variations in hair texture and density, there are other variables to consider while purchasing and caring for synthetic hair extensions. People’s expectations may vary from person to person, but the information provided here should be of great use to you.

Additionally, maintaining a 6×6 lace closure will guarantee that it remains aesthetically pleasing and functional for many years. Proper care extends the life of your hair, so you will need to replace it less often.

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