When cleaning your home, you need to be keen on the areas you are working on. Without the proper preparation, there is a chance you will not get the entire area cleaned out well. You also risk damaging things with the pressure from your washer if you do not know how to vary the pressure. However, if you buy the right model, take time to learn about the machine, and use the right cleaning technique, you can be sure of having your surface thoroughly cleaned. But there’s one more thing: how do you ensure you do not harm the surfaces?

Three things to enable you clean the surfaces perfectly with a Giraffe Tools pressure washer

If you have never used a washer on your own, you must be careful when you acquire one. It would be frustrating to have your roof, wall, pavement, or furniture surface destroyed. That’s not what you want. Here are a couple of things you need to do to get the surface attended to easily with your brand new Giraffe Tools pressure washer.

Know the type of dirt

Before you get started on an area, know what type of dirt that has around. Only through doing this will you know whether the place needs some special treatment to get the stains out. While pressure washers do a pretty decent job cleaning up stained areas, sometimes they are so tough you need some extra care to get everything out. In some instances, you will have to do the removal manually first. Once you have the stain treated, you can go on to the next thing.

Remove any fragile objects

Pressure washers work with a lot of force which can cause some damage to objects. One of the things you need to ensure you do before you start cleaning up places is to remove anything that might be fragile. That includes your small flowerpots and any furniture from the way of the washer. While you might try and be careful before you start using the pressure washer, the force can be overwhelming and lead to you breaking a couple of things. It helps if you remove your items so that there is no potential damage to anything.

Get rid of visible debris

Even though the washer will get rid of all the dirt, it still helps if you can remove some debris from the surface. If there is dust, vend stones, or leaves on the surface being worked on, removing them before using the washer makes work much more manageable. Take time and do that so your cleaning can go on smoothly. Also, ensure that all your electric outlets are covered, so there are no accidents.


To ensure you have a great time using your pressure washer, you need to take the time and ensure the surface is well prepared. Since most of the things you do in reparation are simply, ensure you do not skimp on them. It will make cleaning with the Giraffe Tools pressure washer much easier.

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