A wicker chair in any location is a very attractive type of chair. However, there’s always a need to keep the chair neat at intervals. Dusting and cleaning regularly may help, but this article will introduce you to better ways to clean the wicker chair.

Check for any damages to the chair

Wicker chairs add beauty to any exterior or interior, depending on where you place them. Therefore, unless the damage is fatal, we tend to leave it there. Because of the uniqueness of its design, it is usually the favourite option for many people, both old and young. Therefore, when you decide to wash the chair, it will be nice if you check for any damages. The damages to the item may be minor, but you need to fix them before you clean it. Usually, the damages are easy to repair without many tools needed.

Dust with a dry cloth to remove

A wicker chair is one of the favourite chairs for people to sit on. To clean it for comfortable sitting, the first way is to remove dust from the surface with a dry cloth. By doing this, you will remove all the recent dirt that comes on the chair’s surface.

Vacuum other dirt

Cleaning your wicker chair is not something that happens frequently. Hence, whenever you do it, you need to make sure the cleaning is thorough. After cleaning a dry cloth, not all the recent dirt will go off. You may have missed some of the spots while cleaning your hands. Another fix for such situations is using your home vacuum to remove the dirt on the surface.

Clean with a damp sponge

Your wicker chair is usually great at absorbing dirt. Therefore, there may be dirt on the chair’s surface over a long while. These perks of dirt will not come off with a vacuum or regular cleaning. You will need to use damp clothes or sponges to ensure the item is clean. Before using the sponge, however, you may need to remove all non-wicker materials. Water and chairs do not usually work out together. Hence, you may want to be more careful with the chair.

Clean cushions alone

The cushions of the wicker chair are the part that makes the chair comfortable. It will be an incomplete cleaning process if you clean the chair without its cushion. Using Soap and water to clean the cushions may not be the best idea because of the materials with the cushion. Since there are different materials used for cushions, it is best you think of the best way to clean them.

Clean the chair with a hose

After washing your wicker chair with soap and water, you need it to rinse off all soap contents. The best way to do that is to use water on the body you have cleaned. You can use a hose that releases water at little speed to rinse it. After that, allow drying, then Check for dry cushions and reinstall.

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