A human hair wig is the highest quality type of wig on the market. Human hair wigs are made from human hair bundles, a collection of hair sewn into a weft. You can look at it as you look at hair extensions. However, a hair bundle is usually made up of several hair extensions. A hair bundle can feature different hair types, like human hair bundles. You can apply the bundles in manufacturing human hair wigs. This post provides a guide on how to achieve this.

How to make a human hair wig from human hair bundles

Making a human hair wig from human hair bundles is easier than collecting individual hair strands. The weft hair bundles are easier to manage and apply. Below is a guide for making a human hair wig from bundles of human hair;

Step 1: Prepping for making a human hair wig

The first thing is to prepare for the wig-making process. You will need to acquire the human hair bundles and determine the appropriate quantity and hair type. You can go for colored hair, straight, or curly hair. You must also determine the ideal length of the hair and its source. From there, you must also get some products like a wig cap, stand, tweezers, a needle, and thread. You will need these products for making the wig.

Step 2: Preparing the human hair wig cap

The next step is preparing the human hair wig cap. Here, you can start by placing it on a mannequin head and using a market to mark the hairline. This mark will guide you on where to sew the hair. As part of the wig cap preparation, you must also sew the lace frontal or closure. This will depend on the type of human hair wig you want to make.

Step 3: Sewing the hair bundles on the human hair wig cap

With the needle and thread, start sewing the hair bundles on the wig cap. The hairline mark you created will guide you. The trick is to start from the backside of the head towards the front. The distance between the hairline will determine the volume of the hair. For a thick human hair wig, the narrow distance would be ideal. Ensure that the color of the thread matches the hair color to keep it from being conspicuous.

Step 4: Trimming and plucking a human hair wig

Complete the process by trimming the hairs and plucking at the front. This is where the tweezers and scissors come in. This will eliminate the mess and make it look natural. With that, you are good to style and wear your wig as you wish.


It is worth noting that the human hair bundles are usually packed according to their weight. This means that a pack may contain around 100 grams of hair. The bundle’s size will determine how many packs you will need for your human hair wig. The quantity may differ depending on the manufacturer. Also, a single pack may contain hairs of varying lengths. Human hair bundles with different hair lengths form attractive and natural-looking layers.

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