As a woman, it’s normal for you to own more than one wig at a time. You may wish to attend a special event and need a new look, or maybe you’re just that stylish person regarding hair choices. Whichever reason you need a new wig for, there are loads of options. You can try on the 4×4 lace front wig, the bob wig, ginger wig, amongst a host of other options. But sometimes, the styles you can try out on a wig can be very limiting. 

If your wig choice is a short one, you probably have to stick to one or two styles, and even if it’s a long one, you may need some extra hands when you want to try different styles. To style your wig, a lace closure comes in handy. Usually having a 4×4 size, the closure helps you close wigs properly and births new styles. Because it comes in a 4×4 inches size, a lace closure wig is usually compared to a 4×4 lace front wig. 

The focus of this guide, however, is on lace closures. We’ll be discussing the good sides of the lace closure and why it’s good to have one. We’ll also discuss the bad parts. 

Pros of Lace Closure

While there are many advantages of buying a lace closure wig, some of the benefits that are eye-catching include; 

Different style options

There are three major types of lace closure; middle part, three-part, and free part lace closure wig options. With the middle part option, you can style your wig in one way – which is limiting. The three parts lace closure offers three different styles, but the free part gives you the liberty and flexibility to try out other styling options. Most people who wear lace closure prefer to buy the free part one, which provides freedom. However, irrespective of the lace closure you buy, it will add a different style to your wig. 

Little maintenance

To use a lace closure, you can quickly put it on and off whenever you want. Most lace closure wigs have great features and require extremely low or zero maintenance. At best, the only care you’ll have to show your lace closure wig is washing and conditioning it at intervals. Because of the low maintenance, a 4×4 lace closure will last longer than a 4×4 lace front wig. 

Hair protection

With a lace closure wig, you don’t exactly need to bother about your scalp damage and hairline disparage. 

Cons of Lace Closure 

For every pro of any wig product, there should be a con. Some of the cons of lace closure wigs include; 

Long installation period

To install a lace closure, you may need to spend more than two hours with the stylist. The style of the closure wig influences the period, as well as the expertise.

Rigid styling

While the free part lace closure wig gives you freedom with your styling, the middle part and three-part can be limiting with the styles you can try out. 


Lace closure wigs have a lot of advantages and some disadvantages, as we have discussed in this guide. Because we live in a competitive world and market, comparing a lace closure wig and a 4×4 lace front wig will never end, as they both have their features and benefits. 

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