Installing a drain with a floor waste trap is a tricky task. Usually, it is best you call an expert to help with the process or at least guide you. However, you can do it if you have the right tools and methods. Some of the tools necessary for this task include;


Installing a floor waste will require you to cut through different things. The items you will be cutting through depending on the type of floor in the bathroom and the types of pipes you will get. Regardless, you need to have a saw that is strong enough based on the area and items you want to cut. You can not use a regular saw used for wood in such situations.

Any pipework will involve you cutting in curves. If you try to cut a curve with your regular saw, you will damage either the pipe and there will be no way to redeem the situation. With a circular saw at your disposal, cutting in these curves is a straightforward situation.

Speed square

A floor waste is a compartment that requires measurements. You need to know where you are cutting before you start cutting. A speed square is one device that will come in handy in determining the perimeter of where you want to cut. With the speed square, you can even get the right angles to cut, making the overall work easier and neater.

A ladder

A ladder is an equipment meant for climbing. If you have your floor waste coming from a bungalow, you do not have any business with this tool. If you are on the top floor, however, you may need a ladder and more pipes to connect you and the floor waste from its location to the main pipes.

Measuring tape

We all know the purpose of a measuring tape is to take measurements. In this case, you may not precisely be measuring too much, but as a confirmation, it is a necessity. The measuring tape will come in handy to confirm that your space created is enough for the floor waste.


A pencil that will be necessary for the floor waste drain is not the regular pencils we use in our schools. You will need what is widely described as a carpenter’s pencil. This pencil will inscribe clearly on any surface.


Before you think of installing a floor waste in your home by yourself, you need to understand the task at hand. That is why you need to focus on hiring people who have the knowledge and experience to take on such a task. It is a technical task that requires a bit of tactic and brainstorming to complete. After you have thought with your brain about the exact place to choose, you will need working tools to know what and what you are doing. The tools explained in this guide are the primary tools you will need to install floor waste in your home. If you do not have the complete set discussed above, you should strongly recommend an expert to take on the task.

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